SAP data integration and etl software


SAP, from some points of view, isn't a typical company in software industry, because - unlike the vast majority of other companies - it's founded in Germany, not in the USA. Nonetheless, it still is one of the best known companies to deliver comprehensive software solutions for companies. Among many data integration products by SAP, these are main: Data Integrator, Data Sevices, NetWeaver Process Integration, Sybase Replication Server, and Data Sevices OnDemand.


  • great functionality
  • support for bulk-batch ETL, data federation, message-oriented data delivery, CDC
  • enhanced support for text processing
  • big data support
  • depth integration with other products
  • vendor support

SAP data integration solution systems are known for their great functionality, including support for most of data integration styles. Customers, who use SAP products, praise it for very good support for bulk-batch ETL as well as for efficient data federation, message-oriented data delivery, and CDC. Finally, there is also significantly enhanced support for text processing, which was missing in previous versions of the solution. SAP is constantly working on the improvements so it's possible to look forward to other misses to be replaced soon.

SAP is known for delivering complex solutions to thousands of enterprises all over the world, therefore it pays a really lot of attention to ensuring its products support for big data on the best possible level. Simultaneously, the integration between different products within the family, resulting in synergic work with data quality and data governance products, is good, what can be considered an advantage for companies which are already familiar with other products delivered by SAP.

From users' perspective, cooperation with such a famous vendor as SAP is another advantage, because its customers, regardless of their location, may count on full support thank to worldwide market existence. What it turns into after all, is improved customer experience, skill base and - on the other hand - benefits for the vendor, which market position becomes hard to question.


  • not enough deep integration within product set
  • different integration styles support to be improved
  • strong emphasis on ETL-type workloads
  • some problems with professional service

Even though the integration between different products, from the operational point of view, is quite good, customers would like to have a common interface which they could use to operate on a few products at the same time. Some products within SAP data integration family have their own functionalities, they work almost separately, and - therefore - they have to be treated rather like a self-deployment than like a part of general suite. Customers point out that finding a common surface of work for all these applications would definitely be a good move by SAP. It could also lead to improve the support for different integration styles, including the most popular metadata models, through design environment, to administrative tooling.

Data Services is SAP's main product for data integration, which the provider places the most attention at. With customer concentration on ETL-type workloads for bulk-batch data flow in Business Intelligence, it restricts the range of use of the system. Especially in comparison to the products of other vendors, SAP's offer seems to have some significant limitations.

Despite the fact SAP's customer support is generally praised, some customers declare that they happen to have difficulties with receiving professional answers to more complicated questions. Even though it might be just a matter of accident, it should not happen to such a famous vendor as SAP.