Oracle ETL software

Oracle Data integrator

Microsoft, Informatica, IBM are the undisputed leaders in software industry, but Oracle is just behind them, being considered the third strength of the software world. It's specialized in delivering solutions for data management on the enterprise level. For data integration, it offers Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Data Service Integrator, Oracle GoldenGate, and Oracle Warehouse Builder.

Oracle data integration software strengths

  • multiple functionalities
  • support for different integration styles
  • data federation capability
  • ease of use
  • enhanced data connectivity
  • big data support
  • comprehensiveness of the provider
  • good perspectives

As one of the most meaningful companies in the software industry, Oracle has prepared a solution for almost every of business uses. Thereupon, Oracle data integration products are well prepared to support multiple tasks and their users praise the software for multiple functionalities leading to support different integration styles - according to each user's needs. Oracle Data Integrator, the main product of the family, specializes in bulk/batch data movement, while Oracle GoldenGate - another product - can be used for real-time data delivery and CDC. Oracle WebLogic on the other hand, provides message-oriented functionalities. Oracle Data Service Integrator is responsible for data federation.

What some customers point out as one of the best aspects of Oracle products, is their ease of use. Data integration solutions aren't any different, they're truly intuitive. What's even more important, they have no difficulties with operating on big data, therefore they're good choice for the largest deployments. Recently introduced changes by Oracle resulted in enhanced data connectivity. And - what has to be admitted - the vendor, Oracle itself, is another good side of its products. IT software market analytics are agreeable - there still is a lot of good perspectives before Oracle and, thank to a number of different products, it can deliver a really comprehensive IT support for all companies and enterprises, regardless of their actual size, needs, and expectations. Data integration solution by Oracle proves that there still is a lot that can be done in the market. And Oracle is the company to do it.

Oracle data integrator weaknesses

  • difficult migration path from Oracle Warehouse Builder to Oracle Data Integrator
  • multiple products required to boost functionality
  • not enough tight integration between products
  • complicated pricing
  • quickly rising costs

More and more often Oracle Data Integrator is being considered a good replacement for Oracle Warehouse Builder, more and more companies decide to resign from one product and turn to another one. And what should be easy, is not so in practice. The problem is that the migration path is quite difficult, therefore the process takes quite a lot of time and effort. However, Oracle has declared that it will prepare a wizard tool for migration for the next year. It should improve the way customers gather the beginning of work with Data Integrator.

To ensure the best functionality, Oracle Data Integrator should be connected to many other products from the family. Unfortunately, the integration between them isn't tight enough, so that it might be a source of problems and difficulties. What it leads to in a consequence, is a need to purchase multiple and differentiated products, often basing on different licenses. The final result is complicated pricing and a growth of the total cost of implementation Oracle data integration solutions. Also this aspect of providing data integration software could be improved by Oracle and - therefore - lead to significant growth of customer interest. But the work still is on.