Another quite an aspiring name in the ETL / data integration software industry is Adeptia. The company was founded in 2000 in Chicago and stays focused on providing companies with comprehensive data management solutions. It's rather young and not very famous, but it's a fact that more and more customers decide to try offers by less known vendors, but more cost-efficient, supplied with individual support, etc. For data integration, Adeptia's offer is Adeptia Enterprise Business Integration Management suite (EBIMS).

Adeptia Strengths

  • broad core capabilities
  • ease of use
  • many tools, one suite
  • data integration and application integration at once

What Adeptia offers as a data integration solution, Enterprise Business Integration Management, is a whole suite in fact, therefore its functionality has to be much broader than in case of separate tools. And the fact is that most of core capabilities in data integration - bulk/batch data delivery, grannular data capture, data propagation - are very well worked out. Additionally, data integration and application integration capabilities are grouped under one name, as a one suite, what results in some really meaningful benefits.
The first is ease of use thank to common interface and easy access to the most important capabilities. The second, is significant cost reduction with one, easy to understand pricing model. This way buyers don't actually neither have to nor need to purchase single products or tools separately.

The platform itself also is a big advantage of Adeptia offering - a single but comprehensive environment connecting data integration and application integration is exactly what today's customers expect their DI platform to be.

Adeptia Weaknesses

  • lack of extra capabilities beside standard ETL for data integration
  • limited metadata support
  • low quality of provider support

Even though Adeptia Enterprise Business Integration Management is thought to be a comprehensive suite, it focuses mostly on chosen part of data management uses area, therefore its users often complain on lack of additional options, especially the capabilities beyond the traditional extract, transformation and load functions. Experienced users point out that they would like to have more options, more data integration styles supported, data replication and synchronization enabled, and so on. Perhaps it is still the matter of time for Adeptia to improve the product and broaden its capabilities.

What else is easy to notice are solution's difficulties with metadata management. It should be much better worked out with plenty of additional options. Up to now, metadata support within Adeptia data integration suite is way below the requirements of even those not very sophisticated users. So is the technical support provided, or maybe it would be more accurate to say 'not provided' by the vendor. It's another question which Adeptia still has a lot to improve so it image, clearly enhanced with attractive pricing, could be appealing to more customers. So far the help from the provider, for instance in case of installation, setup or documentation, didn't address the customers' needs.