MicroStrategy Business Intelligence

Turning data into reports and dashboards - that is what every BI product has to do, but MicroStrategy Business Intelligence goes a step further. It really turns data into better and more reliable decisions which boost the performance of the organization.

Today's organizations depend on outrageous volumes of data. Rows of numbers, lines of text, metadata - even though indispensable, hardly ever are easy to understand in their primary form. No managers could make reasonable decisions basing solely on separate numbers or separate pieces of data. Thereupon, Business Intelligence software's role is to turn extensive data into information which is clear and transparent. Hence, Business Intelligence usually helps transforming data into reports and dashboard which are considered the best tools supporting efficient decision making, these days. And - in a very few words - that is what MicroStrategy Business Intelligence software is made for.

Goals to achieve

Introducing a new IT system to an organization, regardless actually of its size, always is problematical, thereupon the whole idea should be well thought out. Simultaneously, it's especially important to analyze the goals which may be achieved thank to a new software. In case of MicroStrategy Business Intelligence, there are five directions which the organization benefits may lead into. By providing the customers with comprehensive Business Intelligence platform, MicroStrategy allows business users to increase the company productivity and cost effectiveness. Simultaneously, the company image can be bettered due to stronger customer relationships building capabilities. Once MicroStrategy product enables deeper insight into strategies, they can be optimized to generate higher revenues. With an instant access to data coming out from the vital sources, it's easily achievable to monitor trends more efficiently and discover anomalies faster. Last but not the least, BI helps with business opportunities forecasting.

Why MicroStrategy?

MicroStrategy Business Intelligence isn't the only platform in the market. The question, then, is why should one choose this one instead of any other? There are numerous reasons. As for the very beginning, it might be useful to point out that MicroStrategy follows the trends - its platform's users can do a lot of things through their iPhones and iPads. It lets them stay in touch even if they're not at office. In many cases, time is crucial, hence mobile capabilities of MicroStrategy BI platform can be placed among the most meaningful features. Beside the mobility, specialists from MicroStrategy have paid a lot of attention to data transparency and - therefore - they prepared an all new visual insights system. As a result, every business user can see data from already inaccessible points of view.

All these details would be meaningless if not the improved performance. MicroStrategy Business Intelligence suite is provided with in-memory BI acceleration technology so that all the tasks can be done significantly faster (a users has to wait for the results of querying noticeably shorter). Additionally, a lot of weight has been attached to dashboards which are now richer and faster to use.

Automated maintenance, immediate application development and deployment, multidimensional data sources support, quick start up of new applications, and expanded geo-mapping capabilities - these are the features which MicroStrategy Business Intelligence suite distinguishes itself from its previous releases and other vendors' solutions as well.

For MicroStrategy - reviews and famous clients

Gartner, The BI Survey, Ventana Research, TDWI, BIScorecard - these names mean a lot in the world of Business Intelligence market research. The fact that reviewers from all these titles praise MicroStrategy BI for its comprehensiveness. And whose reviews to believe in if not the ones by true professionals?

Yahoo, eBay, and Campbell Soup Company - illusorily, these companies have nothing in common besides the fact that all of them are relatively famous. In point of fact, there is another thing which makes them similar - it's that their managers use different products which MicroStrategy Business Intelligence suite consists of. Isn't it a sufficient recommendation?

MicroStrategy Business Intelligence resources

http://www.microstrategy.com/Software/businessintelligence/index.asp - a website by MicroStrategy should be considered a pattern for every other vendor who is trying to present his solutions. There is all information that anyone could considered needed - from general overview, through the details of the products, to the fragments of reviews published in the most considerable Business Intelligence surveys. Even though there is a deeper dive required to get to details, users of all levels of BI advancement could discover everything they want just by reading the information put on this website.

http://www.moccabayarea.org/documents/presentations/11.11.08.presentations/MicroStrategy_MOCCA_Presentation.pdf - here is a twenty-slide presentation of the best features of MicroStrategy Business Intelligence. It definitely is a worth consideration source as it leads from the general overview to details. Simultaneously, it presents the so called practical side of the solution - by pointing out what the most recent reviews state about MicroStrategy and listing the customers which already use the product. Especially this last list is astonishing and proves that MicroStrategy isn't just another medium vendor in the market.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VP-MoGc32H8 - here is a video which MicroStrategy's sympathetic specialist named Chris introduces watchers to the fundamentals of the Business Intelligence solution. A good source of information for the ones who don't actually love reading, by the way. Ten-minute video contains the information followed with illustrations. Hence, it's easily understandable and definitely a good choice for the beginners.