Pervasive ETL software

In comparison to the competitors, Pervasive Software is rather a new company, with its history dated back to 1994, when it was founded in Austin, Texas. The fact its name isn't very well known outside the branch doesn't interrupt the firm to collect more than 5400 different customers, and - in quite a meaningful part - it was the advantage of Pervasive Software data integration solutions. They consists of Data Integrator, Metadata Manager, Integration Hub, DataCloud and DataRush.


  • revenue stability which is a good forecast for the future of the company
  • sales increase
  • support for bulk/batch-oriented data delivery
  • real-time messaging-style solution
  • data integration engine for SaaS, PaaS, and analytics
  • ease of use
  • interface
  • support
  • low cost solution

Even though Pervasive Software isn't the best known vendor, its offer might be considered competitive even in the comparison with products of the software industry leaders. Data integration solution by Pervasive is thought to guarantee a real ease of use supplied with intuitive interface what guarantees a good user experience. And sales results of the company prove that it's a good path - revenues of Pervasive Software are constantly growing thank to more and more customers who decide to trust the unknown firm from Texas. And they know what they do.

Pervasive Software data integration products support bulk/batch-oriented data delivery and real-time messaging-style solution. What's more, Pervasive solution can be considered an efficient integration engine for companies which use SaaS, PaaS, and analytics platforms. DataCloud product is an answer to the newest needs of the market. Big data rather is not a problem for Pervasive Software.

What else is - from customers' point of view - an argument to choose Pervasive Software products instead of the ones by the better known companies, is the question of costs. The model offered by Pervasive truly is friendly for different companies, what makes more and more small firms choose this one. Thank to some payable options, the total cost of ownership is noticeably lower in case of Pervasive than in its competitors.


  • North America as the biggest and almost the only market
  • limited data integration styles
  • lack of advanced development tooling
  • restricted functionality
  • inconsistencies between environments
  • stability issues
  • not enough and not efficient enough direct sales force

Even though the advantages of Pervasive Software data integration solution are undoubted, there still is a meaningful difference between this and other vendors. Rather a small company from Texas focuses on customers from North America, while the rest of players act worldwide. They have therefore a big advantage over Pervasive. Nonetheless, there is a good perspective for Pervasive development. However, before the expansion to other continents, it would be suggested to improve some functionalities. Customers often complain on limited data integration styles and a lack of advanced development tools which impedes the work. In Pervasive solution, there is no data federation functionality as well as some other capabilities which other vendors don't have any difficulties with in providing.

The fact that the vendor is constantly working on new versions of its products is a great news for customers, but what Pervasive Software should definitely work on is transparency and consistency of different versions. So far it was one of the most often reported problem which customers have had to struggle with. Finally, the results of the company could be even better if sales force got improved. Some customers declare that company representatives haven't told them about all good sides of the products. If they had, they would manage to convince more companies to choose Pervasive Software products instead of IBM's or Microsoft's.