Talend ETL software

Talend is a relatively new company with its headquarters located in California, founded in 2005. Unlike the most meaningful players in software industry, it delivers many open source products which users can freely modify so that they could suit their needs in the best possible way. The fact Talend pays a lot of attention to open source market, doesn't mean it works only with less important customers. In fact, there are worldwide known names on the list of its customers, and this list is something Talend really doesn't have to be ashamed of. Also in data integration market it competes thank to Talend Open Studio for Data Integration, Talend Open Studio for Big Data, and Talend Enterprise Data Integration products.

Talend Strengths

  • broad functionality
  • advanced integration capabilities
  • reduced complexity of implementation
  • ease of use
  • low price in comparison to competitive products
  • wide data management capabilities portfolio

What customers point out as a very strong side of Talend data integration products, is their broad functionality, enhanced additionally thank to synergy with Talend Unified Platform. What it results in, is good alignment with current market trends and customer demands. Nothing negative could be said about Talend's integration capabilities. Even though there is a lot of worldwide known and technologically advanced companies on Talend's customer list, its data integration project is addressed also to less advanced users. What's good for them is simplified implementation process which no one should have difficulties with. Furthermore, general ease of use is another argument for choosing Talend's solution, and combination of free open-source products and relatively cheap paid tools results in a possibility of completing low-cost, but fully functional data integration solution for the company.

However, Talend's products are not only about data integration. Customers agree that its general data management capabilities also are worth mentioning and can be deciding when trying to choose a reliable software platform to support different uses within a company.

Open Studio Weaknesses

  • focus on bulk/batch-oriented data delivery
  • limited alignment with the newest market trends
  • not enough product stability
  • problematical big data support
  • problematical support

Generally, customers are happy with the choice of Talend's products, nonetheless they point out a few concerns, which focus only on bulk/batch-oriented data delivery seems to be one of the most meaningful of. Support for other data integration styles is there limited to minimum, which isn't consistent with current market trends. What else is important, is product's limited stability, especially in case of large deployments, where Talend is far behind other vendors. Nevertheless, if not exploited to the maximum, Talend Open Studio products can be called competitive.

On the other hand, the company itself still isn't truly competitive. Customers often complain on problems with responsible technical support, they often are left without any help. It's not surprising - especially in the background of low or totally no price for the products - but still is discouraging.