SAP BusinessObjects Crystal Reports tutorial

SAP BusinessObjects Crystal Reports is a thick client report design tool, fully integrated with the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise platform.
Crystal Reports is an application which allows users to create flexible, pixel-perfect, feature-rich reports and integrate them easily with software developer kits (SDKs) into web and Windows applications using Java, .NET, and COM applications. When used within the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise business intelligence platform, Crystal reports can be published to the web, viewed through the InfoView portal and managed and deployed in a web-based environment (within Windows, Unix, and Linux platforms).
The reports are developed and published using a Crystal Report Designer application.
Crystal Reports Server is an enterprise reporting solution that helps create, manage, and deliver reports over the web or embedded them in enterprise applications using SDK. Crystal Reports Server is designed and supplied to support departmental or workgroup requirements and is ideal for mid-sized and small companies.
From the SAP Business Objects Enterprise platform standpoint, the Crystal Reports Server is a smaller alternative and is a lot less powerful in terms of a web portal (InfoView), administration and customization.

Crystal Tutorial lessons

  • Report Designer overview with an explanation of tabs and major options
  • Report creation wizard - creating reports with a report creation wizard
  • Sections - use of sections in the reports
  • Sorting and Grouping - using Sort Expert and Group Expert to manipulate data on a report
  • Chart expert - a guide on how to create charts using chart expert
  • Formulas - the lesson shows how to use formulas in Crystal Reports and provides the most often used real-life examples of formulas.
  • Subreports - the guide provides information on subreports and how to combine unrelated reports into a single report.