Business Objects Universe

The BusinessObjects universe is a business representation of organization's data that helps end users access data autonomously using common business terms and it isolates business users from the technical details of the databases where source data is stored. Universes are made up of objects and classes that are mapped to the source data in the database and accessed through queries and reports. Users retrieve data using descriptive terms used in the business environment with the company's business terminology.
Universe is a semantic layer that maps complex data into descriptive business terms used across the organization, such as product, customer, region, revenue, margin or costs.

Benefits of using Universes

The main benefits that come with Universes are:

  • Separate business and IT responsibilities - only the metadata modeler (universe designer) needs to know SQL and understand the complex database structure.
  • The Universe Designer application allows users to create universes in a simple, intuitive graphical environment.
  • Data security - data exposed by the universe can be limited to a specific group of users.
  • Maintenance of the universe is easy
  • End-users can use a simple interface to create reports and analysis and work with consistent business terminology.

Tutorial lessons

  1. Universe concepts - BusinessObjects Universe concepts and basics
  2. Universe designer - a graphical tool for creating universes in the BusinessObjects environment
  3. Working with Universe designer - explains how to use the Designer environment and how to perform basic tasks
  4. Adding tables, first step in a schema design process
  5. Creating joins between the tables, next step in a schema design process
  6. Creating dimensions - objects and classes.
  7. Creating measures in SAP BusinessObjects universe designer